Western Red Cedar (WRC) Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) Patterns / Sidings

Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) Western Red Cedar siding is the highest grade available in market, also known as edge grain. Many pieces are completely clear and Western Red Cedar has excellent dimensional stability. Often used as exterior cladding to provide both weather protection and architectural beauty. Clear Vertical Grain may have a few minor characteristics but they will not detract from the beauty. We also offer high-quality pattern & siding from alaska yellow cedar siding, atlantic white cedar siding, douglas fir siding, hemlock siding, pine siding, western red cedar a & better grade siding, western red cedar clear vertical grain (cvg) siding and western red cedar select-tight-knot (stk) siding used throughout New England and the east coast. Please request a quote or contact us for more information at (401) 789-6626.