Western Red Cedar (WRC) A & Better Patterns / Sidings

Western Red Cedar siding is widely used for its high-quality appearance and versatility. Either installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, Western Red Cedar provides a different and unique look for your projects. Western Red Cedar A and better wood siding allows somewhat more imperfections than clear heart wood though the grade is restricted to pieces that have an excellent appearance. We also offer high-quality pattern & siding including alaska yellow cedar siding, atlantic white cedar siding, douglas fir siding, hemlock siding, pine siding, western red cedar clear vertical grain (cvg) siding and western red cedar select-tight-knot (stk) siding and other pattern siding wood products used throughout New England and the east coast. Please request a quote or contact us for more information on this beautiful choice of wood at (401) 789-6626.