Inland Red Cedar Lumber

Typically a wood that is lighter in color and contains narrow tight knots. Inland cedar can appear striped with creamy light brown hues. Often chosen for its knotty appearance and used for panels, siding and fencing. Please consider our high grade Inland Red Cedar dimensional lumber products and selections. If you don't see the dimensions you are looking for, please call us at (401) 789-6626 as we are able to source from a number of resources.

We also offer high-quality dimensional lumber lumber including alaska yellow cedar lumber, atlantic white cedar lumber, douglas fir lumber, hemlock lumber, meranti mahogany lumber, pine lumber, primed pine lumber, primed western red cedar lumber, western red cedar A+ Vertical Grain (VG) grade lumber, western red cedar C+ grade lumber and western red cedar select-tight-knot (STK) lumber used throughout New England and the east coast.