Home Slicker Plus 200 Sq Ft


Home Slicker Plus / 200 Sq Ft

Sidewall / Barriers Specification:
  • Home Slicker Plus
  • 200 Sq Ft
  • for Sidewall & Home Barriers
Home Slicker Plus Typar is a cost-effective, labor and material saving, moisture eliminating rainscreen combined with a water resistive barrier.

Each roll contains the patented Home Slicker three-dimensional matrix bonded to Typar, the premium residential and commercial grade housewrap.

Home Slicker Plus Typar was created to comply with new Canadian building codes.

Home slicker plus typar allows moisture to escape quickly before it damages the sidewall materials and protects the wall assembly from the deteriorating effects of mold and rot.
  • Combines the benefits of a rainscreen and water resistive barrier in one product
  • Covering 200 Square Feet
  • This product saves time and labor costs by installing two products at once as well as eliminating the need for furring strips
  • Recommended for use with wood and fiber cement
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