SKU# 7SBS100

Blueskin Vp100 Self Adhere House Wrap 4-ft x 100-ft 400 Sq Ft


Blueskin VP100 Self Adhered Housewrap / 4-ft x 100-ft 400 Sq Ft

Sidewall / Barriers Specification:
  • 4-ft x 100-ft
  • 400 Sq Ft
  • Blueskin VP100
  • Self Adhered Housewrap
Self-Adhered Water Resistive Air Barrier Membrane
Picking up where traditional house wraps leave off, Blueskin VP100 offers a fully adhered solution that produces an air tight, water tight and weather tight membrane.

Designed for residential and wood-framed multi-family applications, Blueskin VP100 creates a water-resistive barrier and air barrier when applied outside of the wall sheathing and behind the exterior wall cladding. Used for transitions, rough openings, fenestration and full-wall applications.

This next generation vapor permeable air barrier picks up where traditional polymeric wraps leave off. Ideal for wood frame construction, Henry Blueskin VP100 is a fully adhered, peel-n-stick system that eliminates air leakage while functioning as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier.
  • Increases building longevity by providing greater moisture and water protection than traditional water-resistant barriers
  • Enhances occupant comfort by eliminating drafts
  • Improves building thermal performance for reduced energy costs
  • Improves air quality by helping to reduce mold proliferation
  • Installs easily with common hand tools
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