5/4 x 4 Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) C & Better Grade, e4e - Decking & Flooring


5/4 x 4 Alaskan Yellow Cedar / Grade C & Better / Eased 4 Edges for Decking / Flooring

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) for Flooring or Decking Specifications:
  • 5/4 x 4
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Specie (AYC)
  • For Decking or Flooring Application
  • Eased 4 Edges (E4E)
  • Specify product is to be C and Better Grade
AYC C and Better Grade:
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Wood, Grade C and Better - one of the most sought after products from the clear portion of the log. AYC C+Better Grade is widely used for high quality flooring, decking, interior trim and cabinet work with natural, stain or enamel finishes. Please quote or call us to check 5/4 x 4 Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Grade C & Better, Eased 4 Edges in stock online.