SKU# 5NC1AS310

3 x 10 Western Red Cedar #1 App Knotty S4S - Timbers


3x10 / Western Red Cedar Timber / #1 Grade / Appearance Knotty / S4S

Western Red Cedar Knotty Timbers / Timber Specification:
  • 3x10 (Dimensions)
  • Western Red Cedar Timber (WRC)
  • #1 Wood Grade
  • Appearance Knotty
  • Surfaced on 4 Sides (S4S)
Western Red Cedar‘s heartwood has a reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas. Narrow sapwood is pale yellowish white, and isn’t always sharply demarcated from the heartwood. Western Red Cedar Timber has been rated as durable to very durable in regard to decay resistance, though it has a mixed resistance to insect attack.

Western Red Cedar Timbers are used in many structures such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings; and in engineered and landscape structures. The wood is easy to work with both hand, and using machine tools. Glues and finishes well. Iron-based fasteners can stain and discolor the wood, especially in the presence of moisture.

Appearance Knotty - a non structural product manufactured to meet the appearance requirements of quality projects. This wood has highly restricted wane allowances to give well defined corners. Contains no holes or other characteristics. Represents good value for appearance end uses.

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