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1 x 8 Western Red Cedar A & Better Grade, Tongue & Groove (TG) S1S V4E - Pattern & Siding


1 x 8 Western Red Cedar / A & Better / Tongue & Groove / S1S / V4E - Pattern/Siding

Western Red Cedar A & Better Grade / Wood Patterns & Wood Sidings Specification:
  • 1x8
  • Western Red Cedar (WRC) Wood
  • A and Better Grade
  • Tongue and Groove (T&G)
  • Surfaced One Side (S1S)
  • V-joints on all four edges (V4E)
  • Pattern / Siding
Western Red Cedar A & Better Grade is allowing rather more imperfections than Clear Heart but still restricted to pieces with excellent appearance wherein limiting provisions may include small seasoning checks, irregular very light skips on edges and backs; Allows for two small, sound tight knots or their equivalent. WRC A & Better Grade is ideally suitable for applications where finishing requirements are less exacting.

Please see our high standard 1X8 Western Red Cedar A&BTR T&G S1S V4E Pattern/Siding products and selections. Submit a quote, call or visit us for more info.