1 x 8 NG/ CM Solid Gold Claymark Primed Treated Pine - Pattern & Siding


1x8 / Solid Gold Claymark / NG / Center Matched / Primed / Treated / Pine - Patterns/Siding

Pine Pattern & Siding / Wood Patterns & Wood Sidings Specification:
  • 1x8
  • Claymark Solid Gold
  • NG / Center Matched (CM)
  • Primed
  • Treated wood
  • Pine wood
Claymark Solid Gold is the "Gold Standard" for solid (no finger-joints) interior and exterior trim. Solid Gold utilizes the patented Tru-Core treatment process resulting in 100% penetration (heartwood and sapwood) of every board. With no offensive odor, Solid Gold is ideal for all exterior and interior trim applications where a solid piece of trim is preferred over finger jointed products. Claymark finishes their solid clear Radiata Pine boards with the same "next generation" UV cured sealer and 100% acrylic primer system as used on Centurion to help prevent tannin and resin bleed, providing better topcoat adhesion and flexibility.

The features of Claymark Solid Gold are:
  • Unique carrier system penetrates microscopic channels in resins and glues
  • 100% penetration of the Sapwood and Heartwood.
  • No damage to the wood structure.
  • No volatile organic solvents or harmful chemicals!.
  • 3 EPA registered and globally recognized fungicides
  • 2 EPA registered and globally recognized terminicides.Claymark Solid Gold and Tru-Core 4 Dimensions of Protection
  • Carrier, Penetrant and Fixation Chemistry.
  • Boron – Double the concentration proven effective in 50+ years of use.
  • 5 Decay and Termite Actives
  • Performance Synergy.
The Solid Gold Protection Process offers the following key benefits:
  • 50 year warranty against Decay, Rot & Termites (including Formosan)
  • Solid Gold is FSC Certified – eligible for LEED points
  • Durable and safe for both exterior and interior application
  • No wood preservative eld treatment needed on cut surface ends or drilled holes.
  • Produced by a recognized industry leader of premium quality wood products
  • 100% Acrylic Primer & Undercoat
  • Solid Gold primer system utilizes new generation Acrylic technology?
  • Waterborne technology. 100% Acrylic composition
  • Resists tannin and resin bleed and provides better adhesion and flexibility
  • All 4 sides are evenly coated
  • Solid Gold has a 5 Year Limited Primer Warranty
  • Solid Gold products have an industry-leading 50 Year Limited Warranty against any fungal decay/rot and insect attack (including Formosan termites)
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