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Hemlock lumber and wood products Rhode Island and South Carolina
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Western Hemlock wood (Tsuga heterophylla) is largest of the hemlock species.
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Commonly found in Northwest coast of North America, Western Hemlock is the largest of the hemlocks, and is one of the most valuable sources of lumber in northern hemisphere. The wood species is also the state tree of Washington.

Compared to Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), Western Hemlock wood has usually narrower growth rings, even though both wood species can have tightly spaced growth rings. The Western Hemlock tree grows at about 165 to 200 feet tall (50 to 60 meters) with average tree trunk of 3 to 5 feet in diameter (1 to 1.5 meters).

Western Hemlock has light reddish brown heartwood. Sapwood may be somewhat lighter in color but usually isn’t distinguished from the heartwood. Sporadically have dark streaks caused by bark maggots. The noticeable growth rings can exhibit interesting grain patterns on flat-sawn surfaces. The specie is usually straight grain, with a coarse, uneven texture.

Western Hemlock’s working properties are good. The disparity between the soft earlywood and the hard latewood makes sanding create dips and uneven surfaces. Western Hemlock wood works well with glues, stains, and finishes. The wood was commonly used for crates, plywood, framing, boxes, pallets, and other construction purposes.

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