Ipe Wood Decking & Flooring

Ipe (commonly pronounced EE-pay) is a premium quality wood decking material and is a very dense, tight grained wood.  The color ranges from a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and yellowish-brown hues. Ipe heartwood can vary in color from reddish brown, to a more yellowish olive brown or even darker blackish brown; at times with distinct darker brown or black stripes as well as having a mild fragrance. Ipe wood for flooring and decking is an exceptionally popular hardwood decking choice that provides a stunning, long lasting floor or deck. This wood type is very hard; therefore, Ipe decking will wear well and last a very long time in many types of environments.
Please contact us to discuss our ipe flooring decking products and selections.

Also available Alaskan Yellow Cedar decking, Dark Red Meranti mahogany flooring, Douglas Fir flooring, FSC flooring, garapa hardwood decking, ipe decking & flooring, Siberian Larch decking, Thermory decking, Western Red Cedar decking & flooring and other decking & flooring wood products serving New England area.
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1X4 IPE GRN S4S EE - Liberty Cedar 4I104 1X4 IPE GRN S4S EE
1X12 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I112 1X12 IPE S4S
2X4 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I204 2X4 IPE S4S
2X6 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I206 2X6 IPE S4S
2X8 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I208 2X8 IPE S4S
2X10 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I210 2X10 IPE S4S
2X12 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I212 2X12 IPE S4S
3X6 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I306 3X6 IPE S4S
3X8 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I308 3X8 IPE S4S
4X4 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I404 4X4 IPE S4S
4X6 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I406 4X6 IPE S4S
4X8 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I408 4X8 IPE S4S
5/4X10 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I5410 5/4X10 IPE S4S
6X6 IPE S4S - Liberty Cedar 4I606 6X6 IPE S4S
(as of 08.06.2019, use new skusbeginning with IPE-544EGR) - Liberty Cedar 4IET5406 (as of 08.06.2019, use new skusbeginning with IPE-544EGR)
1X4 IPE S4S EE KD - Liberty Cedar 4IKD104 1X4 IPE S4S EE KD
1X6 IPE S4S EE KD - Liberty Cedar 4IKD106 1X6 IPE S4S EE KD
1X8 IPE S4S EE KD - Liberty Cedar 4IKD108 1X8 IPE S4S EE KD
(as of 08.06.2019, use new skusbeginning with IPE-544S4S) - Liberty Cedar 4IKD5404 (as of 08.06.2019, use new skusbeginning with IPE-544S4S)
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Top quality specialty interior-exterior cedar wood and alternative builders supply from the best selection of lumber, hardwood flooring and decking, split rail fence & fences, lattice, timber, to roof shingles. With more than 25 years of service in Rhode Island, Long Island and New York City, Massachusetts, and Connecticut regions.

We offer wide variety of wood species for woodworking, home renovation, building restoration, or commercial use including Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Redwood, Ipe, Sapele, Cypress, Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Northern White Cedar, Dark Red Meranti, Eastern Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Sapele, Poplar, Western Hemlock, and many other tropical, domestic, and exotic hardwoods.

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