Western Red Cedar Wood and Lumber in Rhode Island Western Red Cedar
Thuja plicata - is the largest and most abundant of all cedars in managed forests. It is non-resinous and has a strong, spicy odor. One of the lightest in weight of the commercially important softwoods, it is often used for houseboats.

Dark Red Meranti Wood and Lumber near South Carolina Dark Red Meranti
Shorea - The name Meranti is applied commercially to four groups of species from the genus Shorea, grown mostly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. There are thousands of common names for it, but the names "Philippine mahogany" and "lauan" are often used.

Alaska Yellow Cedar Lumber and Wood Supply around South Carolina Alaska Yellow Cedar
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis - Alaska Yellow Cedar is one of the most beautiful of America's durable softwoods and is sometimes overlooked in favor of more publicized species.

Redwood Sequoia Lumbers within New York City Redwood Sequoia
sempervirens - Redwood grows on the coast of California and some trees are among the tallest in the world. Other names for redwood are coast redwood, California redwood, and sequoia. Production of redwood lumber is limited to California but the market is nationwide.

Douglas Fir Wood and lumber Products in Connecticut Douglas Fir
Pseudotsyga menziesii - Often the standard against which all other framing species are measured, it possesses superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity, excellent nail and plate-holding capability and excellent dimensional stability.

Rhode Island Supply for Atlantic White Cedar Wood and lumber Atlantic White Cedar
Chamaecyparis thyoides - Atlantic white cedar is also known as southern white cedar, swamp cedar, and boat cedar. It grows near the Atlantic Coast from Maine to northern Florida and westward along the Gulf Coast to Louisiana.

Northern White Cedar Lumber and Wood - RI and SC Region Northern White Cedar
Thuja occidentalis - Northern white cedar is also known as arborvitae or simply as cedar. This species grows from Maine along the Appalachians and westward through the northern part of the Great Lake States.

Massachusetts Supplies for Eastern Red Cedar Lumber Eastern Red Cedar
Juniperus virginiana - Eastern red cedar grows throughout the eastern half of the United States except in Maine, Florida, and a narrow strip along the Gulf Coast and at the higher elevations in the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Spanish Cedar Wood near Long Island area Spanish Cedar
Cedrela - Spanish cedar or cedro consists of a group of about seven Cedrela that are widely distributed in tropical America from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Spanish cedar is one of only a few tropical species that are ring-porous.

Ipe Wood and lumbers - South Carolina Ipe
Tabebuia ipé - Ipe, the common name for the lapacho group of the genus Tabebuia, consists of about 20 species of trees and occurs in practically every Latin America country except Chile. Other commonly used names are guayacan and lapacho

Rhode Island - Mahogany Lumbers and Wood products Mahogany
Swietenia mahogani - The name mahogany is presently applied to several distinct kinds of commercial wood. The original mahogany wood, Swietenia mahagoni, came from the American Khaya. It has long been marketed as "African mahogany."

Cypress Wood and Lumbers in South Carolina Cypress
Taxodium distichum - Baldcypress or cypress (Taxodium distichum) is also known as southern cypress, red cypress, yellow cypress and white cypress. About half of the cypress lumber comes from the Southern States and about one fourth from the South Atlantic States.

Poplar Wood and Lumber Retails in RI and SC Poplar
Liriodendron tulipifera - Yellow poplar grows from Connecticut and New York southward to Florida and westward to Missouri. The greatest commercial production of yellow poplar lumber is in the South and Southeast.

Western Hemlock Wood and Lumber Retails in RI and SC Western Hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla - Commonly found in Northwest coast of North America, is the largest of the hemlocks, and one of the most valuable sources of lumber in northern hemisphere.

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