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Long Island Sales Chris Christopher Champagne

Christopher joined Liberty Cedar in 1997, the early days, as a driver and member of the yard team. Christopher took on the challenge of becoming the first member of the inside sales support team. Enjoying sales, Christopher jumped at the chance to take on an outside sales position in both Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Successfully building these territories, Christopher recognized additional challenges in building the Long Island, NY territory. Today, working with some of the most successful and talented builders and architects, Christopher has built Long Island into Liberty Cedar’s largest territory. In addition, Christopher is often specifying species and providing support to builders working on high profile historical projects in and around the New York City and Long Island areas.

A former Marine, Christopher spends the little free time he finds racing sailboats, golfing, fishing and being dad to two teenagers. Finally, he has been known to fry delicious turkeys for the entire Liberty Cedar team.

Long Island Territory Sales

Long Island  Chris Champagne


Brian Crump

Brian joined Liberty Cedar in 2016 as a member of our Yard Team.  Recently, Brian moved into an Inside Sales Representative role.
"The welcoming, supportive, professional atmosphere I experienced in the yard is very much present in the office as well.  What a great team and I am grateful to be a part of it all.  I look forward to any challenges the future may bring."
Brian is married and blessed with two great kids.  In his spare time, Brian loves to golf and his passion for his many rotisserie baseball teams generates daily eye rolls from his lovely, understanding wife.

Rhode Island Sales


Rhode Island Sales            

Bryan Glemboski

With Liberty Cedar for more than a decade, Bryan has worked in the yard and as a sales representative on Cape Cod. Today, he is our key estimator. Bryan continues as the office go to person when questions arise about various species of wood and require an expert. Self-taught, Bryan is adept at identifying species, genus and family of specialty woods for both customers and colleagues alike.

"My interest in lumber is a natural extension from my love for plants and wildlife. Every piece of wood we sell is unique, just like the trees they come from. Atlantic White Cedar is a very important species for boat builders, almost as important as it is for The Hessel's Hairstreak, a gorgeous green butterfly that lives only its upper branches. Wood is fascinating and there is always more to learn. I enjoy sharing what I know with others."

Bryan's other interests span a wide range from bird watching to glass blowing to playing the bass in a rock-n-roll band. And, if that isn't enough, Bryan is also the proud father to two lovely daughters.

Estimating Services

Brock Goss

Brock Goss, along with partners Dave Goss and Joe Davies, founded Liberty Cedar in 1990.

"We started Liberty Cedar because we found ourselves challenged when trying to find the highest quality material, delivered in a timely manner, to complete the construction jobs we were managing."

We worked with our vendors to ensure that the materials they deliver to us met our quality standards. Long-time vendor relationships have paid off over the years. Our customers know that when vendors meet Liberty Cedar's expectations the material delivered to their jobsite will meet their standards ."

Brock's many years of lumber sales experience make him an excellent teacher for incoming sales staff and a mentor to members of the Liberty Cedar team. When Brock is not working alongside his brother, he can be found riding his motorcycle across the country or riding along roadways in foreign lands.

David Goss

David Goss, along with partners Brock Goss and Joe Davies, founded Liberty Cedar in 1990.

"Our mission is to provide builders, architects and contractors with high quality wood products and millwork at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide beautiful wood from North America and around the world. Our philosophy is to ensure the products we sell are responsibly harvested from well-managed forests and milled to meet the specifications fitting of the projects our clients undertake. The Liberty Cedar team is committed to building our product knowledge and providing excellent service to both longtime and new customers alike."

In 2011, Dave completed an around the world sail on a 40' wooden sailboat that he, along with his partner Julia Taylor, built and launched in 2004. While visiting ports around the world, Dave was able to visit forests, lumber mills, and shops, seeing first-hand how important sustainable farming and forestry practices are to peoples around the world.

Back the helm of Liberty Cedar, Dave is busy expanding the company's line of high end wood products and working with creative designers to envision new products and services.

Kyle Lemke

Kyle manages the Rhode Island sales territory. Beginning his career as a Customer Service Representative, Kyle quickly learned about the specialty lumber and building materials niche that Liberty Cedar fills. Enjoying a challenge, Kyle immersed himself in the business and now travels throughout the state working with contractors on job sites from Woonsocket to Block Island to ensure they have the best available materials for their projects.

"I joined Liberty Cedar because I have always enjoyed creative processes and building homes certainly requires creativity. I see my role as contributing to the creative process when I identify and recommend beautiful, appropriate wood and materials for a project. The building materials industry is constantly introducing new, innovative products and I enjoy finding the right opportunity to share that information with the people I meet."

Kyle enjoys spending time fishing, digging clams and pulling in lobsters. A talented photographer and avid surfer, Kyle is often traveling along the shores of the Ocean State, enjoying the views and the ride.

Rhode Island Sales

Eddy McCooey
Eddy joined Liberty Cedar in 2006 and worked in the yard on his way to becoming a member of the inside sales team and making road sales in Boston. When Liberty Cedar decided to open its second location in Charleston, SC, Eddy agreed to participate in the early days of a new operation. While in SC, Eddy ran the operations for both the yard and the office.

Eddy moved to Boston and finished his Management degree at Northeastern University. Eventually Eddy worked for a couple years at Coastal Forest Products, a lumber distributor and Liberty Cedar vendor. Eddy returned to Liberty Cedar in 2014 and is an integral part of the Long Island sales team.

In his free time Eddy plays softball, golfs and enjoys fishing and is the father of two young children.

Long Island Sales

Steve Millmather

Nearly a decade ago, Steve joined the Liberty Cedar team as one of the initial customer service representatives. Steve's steady presence in the sales office ensures that both walk-in and phone customers will have a quality experience and receive accurate product information at Liberty Cedar. Steve has developed many lasting business relationships that serve his customers and the company well.

Prior to working at Liberty Cedar, Steve worked for an exterior insulating finishing system company as the quality assurance process improvement manager overseeing quality control operations domestically and internationally. Much of his time was spent working with joint venture operations in Poland and China. "According to Steve, working in Poland and China was a very interesting and a welcome challenge."

Steve resides in East Greenwich with his wife Laura and their pets. His two children Stephan and Jamie live nearby.

Rhode Island Sales

Kelly Thompson

Kelly joined Liberty Cedar in 2007 as the first female member of our sales team. Kelly quickly became familiar with the materials and their application and as a result, became the inside support for the Connecticut territory.

As sales in RI increased, Kelly provided support for both CT and RI sales teams. In 2014, Kelly took on our fast growing Massachusetts territory and supported multiple road sales team members. Today, Kelly provides support to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, South Shore and Boston. Kelly also provides excellent sales service for quotes that come into Liberty Cedar’s website from throughout Massachusetts.

When not working, Kelly enjoys travelling to warm beach destinations, working out in the early morning and dancing the night away.

Massachusetts Sales

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