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The name mahogany is presently applied to several distinct kinds of commercial wood. The original mahogany wood, Swietenia mahagoni, came from the American Khaya.

It has long been marketed as "African mahogany" and is used for much the same purposes as American mahogany because of its similar properties and overall appearance. A third kind of wood called mahogany, and the one most commonly encountered in the market, is "Philippine mahogany."

This name is applied to a group of Asian woods belonging to the genus Shorea. In this chapter, information on the "Philippine mahoganies" is given under lauan and meranti groups.

Mahogany, African - The bulk of "African mahogany" shipped from west-central Africa is Khaya ivorensis. Another widely distributed and plentiful species is K. anthotheca. This wood is easily dried.

Mahogany, American - True, American, or Honduras mahogany lumber ranges from Mexico well into South America. However, a wide variety of grain patterns are observed in American mahogany lumber. The texture is rather fine to coarse. American mahogany is easily air or kiln dried without appreciable warp or checks and it has excellent dimensional stability. It is rated as durable in resistance to decay fungi and moderately resistant to dry-wood termites. Both heartwood and sapwood are resistant to treatment with preservatives. The wood is very easy to work and it takes polish very well. The air-dried strength of American mahogany is similar to that of American elm (Ulmus americana). The principal uses for mahogany lumber are fine furniture and cabinets, interior/exterior woodwork, pattern woodwork, boat construction, fancy veneers, musical instruments, precision instruments, paneling, turnery, carving, and many other uses that call for an attractive and dimensionally stable wood.

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